Thursday, February 9, 2012

Clarks Desert Boots

Word of advice: Clarks run HUGE

Over the summer I was at Glendale Galleria mall, which happened to have a Clarks store. I wanted Clarks for awhile, but was iffy about the sizing. I went in and tried on the women's 6, the smallest size, and it ran a size and a half too big..
I still wanted them so I resorted to kid sizes=
Size 4: too big
Size 3.5: still too big
Size 3: meh, okay, but still kinda roomy
Size 2.5: PERFECT
Size 2: snug

So yes, I was a true pain in the ass customer who tried on like 10 pairs. I ended up leaving the store with these taupe, 2.5 sized desert boots, and the rest is history. 

The comfiest sole!

Awesome quality, and they were actually cheaper since they were from the kids' section.
Hmm..maybe I'll wear these tomorrow :)

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