Friday, February 3, 2012

Tra la la

My first post EVER will be my review on Keds Champion Varsity CVO

I first saw these on (I never purchased anything from that site because I usually get to the good deals too late) This particular style was sold out in my size (surprise surprise), but I still wanted them so I did my research- I ended up finding them on for $25!! No tax, free shipping!!! Now how can I pass on that deal. 

Here are some pictures I took.  And let me say, they look much cuter in photos than worn. 
I personally love the brown/leather looking laces, wool, and the knit around the ankle. The quality isn't bad either, compared to other pairs by Keds.

Now, here are my issues with this pair:
1. the laces are WAYYY too long. I have to double knot them for them to look somewhat decent, and the double knot gives it somewhat of a messy look which I don't like 
2. the knit trimmings around the ankle make my ankles look...stubby? kinda awkward
3. these are made kind of long, making my feet look longer than they are (I wear size 6 btw)

I haven't worn them out yet so maybe my opinions will change once I actually pair them with a cute outfit or something. But then again, $25?? I can't be upset.