Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yum! Today's dinner: veggie stir-fry w/ sriracha sauce :) totally unintentional, but the vibrant colors from this dish fit perfectly with my spring centered post.

Yes it's officially spring! I hope it gets warmer because 63 degrees in SoCal is like snow for me haha.

Here are a few pieces I will be wearing for spring 2012:

my knit orange cocoon cardigan. it screams 'spring' but i will probably wear it all 4 seasons cause I love it so much
close up: love the details :)
i've had this GAP camisole for almost 5 years now. floral prints+dark colors: oxymoron?
I haven't worn this last piece out ever since I got it from Levi's many months ago. I will find a perfect outfit for this sucker.

Happy Spring Everyone :)